4 Easy Steps


Step 1

Take measurements of your room. Measure each wall from one end to the other. Take a piece of paper and draw an outline of the walls of your room- usually just a square, and label each wall's measurement. If there are windows and doors along your wall, do your best to measure how wide and tall they are and how far away they are to the closest corner of the room.

Step 2

Take a picture of your room from the doorway facing in, so you get the majority of the room. Then take one picture of each wall of the room. At the least, you should be sending us five pictures of the room. You can send us more if you'd like, to point out a particular feature or area to address within the space.

Answer questions for rdiab.jpg

Step 3

Answer the questionnaire and tell us about your dream room, to help us create your perfect space. The answers will give your designer the guideline to work from.


Step 4

Pay for your design on the Pay For Services page, and in under two weeks you'll be working on creating your dream room design created by a professional. It's just that simple!