• We send you a presentation board showing you every item we have selected for your space, based on your measurements.

  • You get a detailed list of each item, showing it's placement within the room.

  • We give you a shopping list for every piece you need to complete your room design. This list includes any names, sku numbers, colors and ordering information. All items are in local stores or online.

  • Your package comes with a floor plan, drawn to scale and easy for you to follow. Each item has it's own number on the floor plan, which corresponds to the list for placement.

  • We provide two complete color palettes for the room- one is more subdued and the other, more exciting, to allow you to choose what suits you best. We select Sherwin Williams colors, complete with name and sku number. If you do not have a Sherwin Williams in your area, or would prefer another brand, you can use this number to have the exact color custom made at your local paint store in any brand of paint you choose, simply tell them to match it to Sherwin Williams paint #___.

That’s all it takes to create your dream space and save you money at the same time! Use our expert design advice to avoid costly mistakes you can easily make on furniture that’s too large or too small for your room. Use our resources to find pieces you would never find on your own!
— Michelle